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Find open WiFi networks on the move

Free Zone Wi-Fi is a search engine for open WiFi networks, as well as a social network where you can share and discover access points around the world.

At the time of writing, Free Zone Wi-Fi lists more than 300,000 free and open WiFi spots globally. Running in the background, the application automatically finds available WiFi networks around you, and will automatically connect you. In theory, this means that you're always connected, as long as you can keep picking up networks through Free Zone Wi-Fi.

Free Zone Wi-Fi gives you the option to view open networks on a map, allowing you to see where you can connect nearby. There's even a search included, so you can look for any location in the world, and see where the free WiFi spots are.

The app also gives you the option to 'open' your WiFi network up to other Free Zone Wi-Fi users. Don't worry, your network address or password aren't made publicly available, it just means that users of Free Wi-Fi zone will be able to auto-connect to your network when they're nearby. Think of it as you returning the favor for being able to access other people's connections!

The user interface in Free Zone Wi-Fi is a bit clunky, especially the map, which is slow to refresh, and doesn't have a pinch-to-zoom feature.

Overall though, Free Zone Wi-Fi offers a reliable way to automatically connect to open WiFi networks on your mobile device.


  • Automatically connects you to free networks
  • Shows networks on Google Maps
  • Add your own network


  • Cumbersome maps interface


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Free Zone Wi-Fi


Free Zone Wi-Fi 9.4 for Android


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